15th International Short Film Festival 2020
“Gender Equality “



  1. General Conditions
    1. Applicant has accepted, declared and pledged that s/he has the film’s literary and financial rights such as presentation and screening.
    2. To be able to enter, films should be no more than 25 minutes in length.
    3. Films should touch upon the festival theme “Gender Equality”.
    4. Films should have a sufficient enough image quality for screening.
    5. If images from other films, original music, visual effects and animations are used in the film, these permissions should be obtained from the owner of the work and attached to the application form.
    6. Fiction and Documentary categories may enter the festival. All the entries will be evaluated collectively.
    7. One may enter the competition with more than one film.
  1. Application
    1. Application to the festival is honorary
    2. Application form must be signed.
    3. Application form and electronic copy (in HD or DV-PAL) of film should be delivered sealed to the application address.
    4. If the applicant’s applying with more than one film, application form must be filled out and signed for each film separately.
    5. Application Address: PHX MEDYA, PHX MEDYA, Ferhatpaşa Mahallesi 37. Sokak No:74 B Blok Daire:18 Ataşehir \ İSTANBUL. 
    6. Application deadline is August 6th 2021
  1. Evaluation Criteria
    1. Festival directory will pass the films through a pre-elimination before presenting the applying films to the jury’s evaluation. Pre-elimination will seek conformation to the application conditions. Films that don’t conform any of the rules will be eliminated. However, festival committee will be able to include these films to the screening program.
    2. Films will be evaluated according to the grading methods.
    3. 10 films that get the highest grade will be named Festival Finalist.
  1. Finalists

  Finalists will be announced at the official website http://jciistanbulcrossroads.com and JCI İstanbul social media accounts until 14.09.2021.

  1. Rights and Obligations
    1. Competitors accept and declare that the films they are sending are legally theirs. Applicant has the responsibility of any disputes that may rise about the copyright with any third party.
    2. Films sent to the competition will be able to be screened at the events organized or sponsored by JCI Istanbul Branch and PHX Medya.
    3. All the applicants are considered to have accepted these conditions.
    4. If any disagreement occurs Istanbul Courts are authorized.
    5. Applicants are deemed to have accepted that the films that pass the pre-selection can be screened in national and international open-air screenings.
    6. Applicants are deemed to have accepted that they can be published on JCI Istanbul, JCI Istanbul Crossroads website and social media accounts (Youtube, Facebook and similar platforms) after the award ceremony.